your benefits.

Because we understand that mental health is just as important as physical health, your benefits plan includes coverage for both outpatient visits and inpatient treatment for you and your dependents. Access to these services is an important part of maintaining your well-being, and your benefits plan can help support you as you seek help.

For more information about covered services and cost-sharing, review the benefits booklet for your Mayo Medical Plan option:

To find an in-network mental health provider, use the following tip sheets based on your state of residency.

Important benefits
enhancement note

To improve access and reduce out-of-pocket cost for employees and their families, Mayo Clinic has decided to amend Mayo Medical Plan rules regarding out-of-network mental health services. Mental health services performed by a Tier 3 out-of-network provider will be processed as Tier 2 expanded in-network under the Mayo Medical Plan. Members may still be responsible for billed amounts higher than allowed amounts when visiting a Tier 3 out-of-network provider, since they do not have to adhere to contracted network amounts.

If you need additional help finding a mental health provider who fits your needs, Mayo Clinic can help. There are resources that can refer you to an in and/or out-of-network provider that you are most comfortable with and offers the services you would like to utilize.

Benefits contacts

If you have a question about your current benefits or mental health coverage, here's who to talk to:

HR Connect

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  • Premiums


  • Member ID information/cards
  • Explanation of Benefits (how services were covered)
  • Provider networks
  • Deductible, coinsurance, out-of-pocket maximum accumulations