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Learning more about something is a great way to gain understanding and broaden your experience, as well as gather useful tools that can help yourself or those around you who may need mental health support. Here are some opportunities to do just that.

On Demand Training – Lend an EAR Initiative

Developed by Mayo Clinic experts, the Lend an EAR Framework provides three steps to Empathize, Assess, and Refer colleagues through difficult situations. This on-demand training will give you critical skills to refer colleagues to the various resources Mayo Clinic has to offer for employees in need.

Interactive Skill-Building Modules

We have so much to learn about so many aspects of well-being. And this section takes a little closer look at specific experiences and provides skills and strategies to help get us through.

On Demand Webinars

Processing Pandemic Grief 

Webinar Resources

One Mind PsyberGuide was established in 2013 in response to a growing need for guidelines to help people navigate the mental health app marketplace. Through rigorous evaluation of technology and promotion of scientific best practices, the project seeks to provide accurate and reliable information free of preference, bias, or endorsement.  

Mental Health: Let's Talk About It; Panel Discussion Webinar (only viewable within the Mayo firewall on Video Exchange)