Needing help

You’re needing help today, and that’s ok. Life has thrown a lot of challenging situations at us all lately, and there comes a point when it all can be too much. It’s ok to not be ok. The most important thing is to get help when you need help. There are resources out there ready and willing to take your hand and help you through this.

For emergency support dial 911 or 988
For immediate support available 24/7

Crisis Text Line
Text HOME to 741741

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
Call 988

Employee and Learner Assistance Programs

Arizona, Florida, Mayo Clinic Health System, International, Gold Cross and Rochester employees that live outside of MN:

VITAL Worklife Employee Assistance Program

VITAL Worklife Portal
Username: Mayo Clinic
Password: Member

Rochester Employees

Employee Assistance Program
(507) 266-3330

Arizona EAP In-house Counselor (Phoenix Campus)
(507) 266-3330 
Office hours are 8am-5pm AZ time (phone line 8am-5pm CDT). Please complete this form before your initial appointment: EAP Appointment Intake Form

Students and Residents/Fellows

Student Services

(866) 640-4777
WellConnect Code: MCCMS

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