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Holding up

You’re holding up today, and that’s ok. Your system is a little stressed, things might not be going as smoothly as usual, but you’re doing your best and keeping things together best you can. This is an important time to get the rest and support you need in order to maintain and improve your spot on the OK-ness Spectrum.

WHAT TO DO NOW: When you are holding up, it is even more important to stay connected with meaningful support and social networks as they help us function better when facing stress. Physical activity can also kick things into gear.

  • Call a relative, friend, or colleague
  • Set a positive goal for the day
  • Take a brisk walk

Headspace Care (For employees residing in FL and GA, their spouses and dependents 13+)

Headspace Care (formerly named Ginger)


Mental health support through the Headspace Care app made just for you. Confidential behavioral health coaching, therapy, psychiatry, and self-care resources, all from the privacy of a smartphone.

  • Immediate text-based behavioral health coaching (unlimited and free to employees, spouses and dependents 13+)
  • Video therapy & psychiatry, with evening and weekend hours (billable through your insurance provider)
  • Self-guided care resources, recommended for your needs (Free to employees, spouses and dependents 13+)

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Cost to You

  • Free unlimited text-based coaching
  • Therapy and psychiatry services billed through your insurance provider (When cost-sharing is required, Mayo Medical Plan participants are responsible for the full cost of services until they’ve met their plan deductible. Costs for visits can vary as they are determined by the provider, not the Mayo Medical Plan. Once the participant has met their deductible, coinsurance begins. This means the participant is responsible for 20% of covered services and the Mayo Medical Plan pays for 80%. Coinsurance continues until the participant has met their out-of-pocket maximum for the calendar year. Once this maximum is met, the Mayo Medical Plan pays for 100% of covered services through the end of the calendar year.)

Ready to get started?

  1. Download the Headspace Care app on your smartphone from the Apple App Store or Google Play.
  2. Once downloaded, tap “Get Started.”
  3. Then select “My Organization.”
  4. Use your Mayo Clinic email address to register as well as your date of birth and zip code.
  5. You’re all set!

Vital Work Life – Nursing Peer Coaching

VITAL WorkLife offers Nurse Peer Coaching as part of our EAP solutions. Nurse Peer Coaching provides confidential, one-on-one, telephonic peer coaching for nurses with a compassionate listener who understands the enormity of the work, life and family challenges they face — and has walked in their shoes. A nurse peer coach can be a confidential and knowledgeable sounding board for discussing concerns, such as: 

  • Unusual levels of stress or anxiety 
  • “Horizontal hostility” or bullying from other nurses or staff 
  • Grief and Loss 
  • Substance abuse or addiction 
  • Balancing work and family responsibilities 

Contact Us 

  • Call VITAL WorkLife at (800) 383-1908 and press 3 to schedule a session with a Nurse Peer Coach
  • Visit the VITAL WorkLife Member Portal and use the Username: Mayo Clinic and Password: Member 

Student Services

Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science students should reach out to Student Services for assistance. 

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WellConnect (SAP) – Student Support and Well-Being

Let’s be real: life can be tough. When your responsibilities start to feel overwhelming and it’s hard to make it through the day with a smile on your face, it’s important to reach out for help. You can lean on your free and confidential WellConnect well-being program for support. 

A free benefit from your school, WellConnect can help you or anyone in your household with services like:

  • Counseling – in-person, on the phone, text messaging, and video
  • Referrals for – local resources, daily living, utilities, and childcare
  • Consultations on – finances, legal needs, life, and health and wellness
  • Online resources – articles and assessments, webinars, and financial calculators

Life happens, regardless of the day or time. That’s why WellConnect is available 24/7 and even on holidays. 

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WellConnect – For Faculty Supporting Students

As a faculty or staff member, you may want to be a helpful outlet for students who are struggling. However, there may be times when you’re unsure how to appropriately support them. In those instances, reach out to WellConnect. 

With WellConnect, you have unlimited access to confidential consultations on any student problem or concern. The Faculty/Administrator Support Team (FAST) line is a 24/7 dedicated number staffed by licensed professionals who are equipped to provide consultation and response for a variety of situations:

  • Concern for a student that may have thoughts of harming themselves or others
  • Students having inappropriate communications with faculty or peers
  • Managing a disruptive student
  • Providing support to students with declining behavior, performance, or grades with a formal referral process
  • Helping students cope with the death of a fellow student or campus violence accident

Contact Us
Support Line for Students: 866-640-4777
FAST Line for Faculty: 844-208-7070
Website: Visit the website ( and enter the school code MCCMS
Student Services

Physician / Scientist Engagement Groups

Collegiality and creating connections with one's peers are critical components of physician satisfaction and well-being. Increased clinical and administrative demands in healthcare can make creating these connections more challenging. Physician / Scientist Engagement Groups are designed to cultivate these vital connections by encouraging colleagues to gather for a complimentary meal and conversation around their physician experience. 

For questions and more information on how to sign up for this program, please contact If you would like to start your own Physician Engagement Group, please visit the intranet site to get started. 

Virtual Connection Groups (Social/Peer Support)

Virtual connection groups are a great way to enhance your well-being and connect with colleagues enterprise-wide. A Mayo Clinic wellness coach will guide you to: 

  • Explore well-being resources 
  • Set goals to improve your well-being 
  • Practice resiliency skills 
  • Connect with colleagues in an encouraging “virtual” environment 

Join a Virtual Connection Group: 

Well-Being Champion Program

This enterprise-wide network of enthusiastic influencers takes steps to support the well-being of their colleagues by sharing resources and creating meaningful opportunities for employee engagement. 

If you have a Well-Being Champion in your work unit, engage in the opportunities and activities he or she promotes, or brainstorm with the champion to support the well-being of your colleagues.  Don’t have a champion in your work unit yet? Consider becoming one yourself!

Find your Well-Being Champion Here: